The importance of copywriting and proofreading

We are all the same. We judge a book by its cover, whether we want to or not. See someone driving a car with a number of dents, and we subconsciously think they are a bad driver. Yet so many business owners allow exactly that with their websites. Spelling and grammatical errors abound in their write-up, and they don’t realize that they are being judged by the readers.

Even small things like obvious typing errors can cast a cloud of doubt over your credibility. Customers can be very unforgiving in this day and age, with spell checkers available on pretty much any electronic device.

But the big beast in the credibility destruction derby is bad spelling and grammar. It is incredibly important to have a marketing write-up that reads easily and makes sense, and it is well worth the money spent on it. Even if you don’t want to spend money on this service, it is surely advisable to send your copy on to a family member or friend to do a quick proof-read. It might just make the difference between landing that big client or not.

Remember, visitors to your website have not seen you face-to-face. They have not been exposed to your dashing smile, your friendly demeanour or your exceptional customer service. What they see and read on your website is the only thing they can go on to formulate an opinion. Make sure that first impression is the best one possible!