From starter web hosting right through to dedicated cloud hosting, we have the right hosting solution for you. No need to pay for a shiny new SUV if all you really need is a scooter, right? Similarly, you won’t attempt loading an armoured tank in the boot of your car! Let’s look at exactly what you require and quote you accordingly. Listed below are some of our most popular packages to give you an indication of what to expect to pay for hosting.

Our Web Hosting Packages

R 550 per year
Or R330 every 6 months
3 email addresses
200 MB disk space
1 GB bandwidth monthly
R 850 per year
Or R330 every 3 months
10 email addresses
1 GB disk space
2 GB bandwidth monthly
R 1,400 per year
Or R140 per month
20 email addresses
2 GB disk space
5 GB bandwidth monthly
R 2,500 per year
Or R250 per month
*** Free OR .com registration / renewal
30 email addresses
3 GB disk space
10 GB bandwidth monthly

Remember: All of our web design bundles include one year’s free hosting!

Our web hosting packages are very customizable to suit the client’s exact requirements. The above packages scale all aspects including disk space, bandwidth, number of email addresses and other hosting-related features more or less equally, to give you some idea of our costs. But if for example your bandwidth usage is over 5 GB monthly, but you require only a single email address and less than 100MB of disk space, then we look at it as a whole and quote you accordingly. Chances are that we will keep it to an Entry or Standard package price. The best is to contact us for a free assessment of your requirements so that we can quote you accordingly.