Advanced Website Support

It happens all the time in this industry. Your web designer promises the world, but delivers far short of that before they become unstuck. On top of that, they are over budget and way past the deadline. Too many of our clients come to us with tears in their eyes, having been bitterly disappointed by a fly-by-night operator.

There is simply no substitute for experience in this vastly competitive online world, and with over 500 websites behind us, we are better equipped than most to deliver on time, every time.

Ad Hoc
R 750 per hour
Less than 10 hours in total
No retainers
Typically for once-off clients
R 680 per hour
10 to 40 hours in total
Monthly retainers of 2 to 5 hours
Typically for SMEs
R 620 per hour
40 to 120 hours in total
Monthly retainers of 5 to 20 hours
Typically for web design houses
R 550 per hour
120 or more total hours
Monthly retainers of more than 20 hours
Typically for enterprises