Bulk Mailing & SMS

If you are sending bulk newsletters and mail shots regularly, we can probably save you a lot of money and headaches by taking that off your hands. It is hard to keep up with everything from changing legislation to email client compatibility and mail server-friendliness, so it is often best left to the experts. Bulk SMS can also be a very effective marketing method if used correctly.

The main challenge with mail shots nowadays is to get the maximum number of people receiving the mail. This means it must comply to several mail server protocols, which are in place to filter out spam that overloads the user’s inbox. There are a number of variables to consider, namely credibility of your own mail server and IP address, the actual message content, image-to-text ratio, the subject line and many more.

Another factor is email client compatibility. Viewing a message with Gmail’s online interface makes it look different from one that is downloaded to your PC using Microsoft Outlook – especially when there are certain design aspects involved such as in the case of a newsletter or promotional email. This is a very important consideration for us when we design and set up bulk emails.

Legislation is also making it more and more difficult for ambush marketers to bombard recipients with their promotional messages. While the rest of the world is already following opt-in legislation (which means you can not send anyone any form of electronic marketing unless they explicitly asked for it), we in South Africa are still under opt-out legislation, meaning you are allowed to send someone an electronic promotional message as long as you provide them the option and facility to opt out – and then follow through when they do so. We also have a national opt-out registry, which one can register on to be excluded from any contact from members of the Direct Marketing Association.

We can assist not only in managing your bulk email or SMS campaigns, but also in integrating these technologies with your website.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, so that we can give you a free quotation.