PHP & MySQL Development

If you need something more advanced from your website, you have come to the right place. Integriweb specializes in custom PHP development and MySQL database administration. Maybe you need your website to handle bookings, or you want an in-house workflow management tool custom-developed according to your specifications? What about a self-listing service like Gumtree, OLX or Private Property, or a lead generation development like Hippo? Or a customer service portal like HelloPeter? You can’t buy these things off-the-shelf and expect them to operate exactly the way YOU want – rather have it custom-developed, then YOU set the requirement specifications.

This is what custom PHP development is perfect for. PHP is an open-source programming language that doesn’t require expensive licensing fees, which makes it a very popular choice among custom solution providers. Combined with MySQL as a database backbone provider, and a bit of Javascript for good measure, you have all the technology you need to make for a top competitor online. PHP is durable, and accounts for roughly four out of every five websites you visit on the web nowadays.

Ad Hoc
R 750 per hour
Less than 10 hours in total
No retainers
Typically for once-off clients
R 680 per hour
10 to 40 hours in total
Monthly retainers of 2 to 5 hours
Typically for SMEs
R 620 per hour
40 to 120 hours in total
Monthly retainers of 5 to 20 hours
Typically for web design houses
R 550 per hour
120 or more total hours
Monthly retainers of more than 20 hours
Typically for enterprises

Our developers are responsible for a number of successful and operational PHP developments over the years, such as custom ERP, HR and Payroll systems, sports management software, various directories as well as a number of in-house workflow and task management systems.

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