From ZERO to HERO online within a few days!

We always advise clients that SEO is not an overnight process, and that good, sustainable results and rankings take time. Like good wine. But sometimes there is a jewel of a business, with very little competition online, and we strike gold within just a few days.

We often wonder who gets more excited when this happens, us or the client? Because in most instances, especially in the case of small owner-operated businesses, the client all of a sudden becomes so busy thanks to new clients streaming in from Google that they even forget to thank us. Imagine that, going from brand-new startup to a serious competitor with a well-established clientele within just a few days – and often for a budget of less than R5,000!

This is the reality with proper, real-deal Search Engine Optimisation. Obviously the fine print says “results may vary”, but there is no denying the fact that SEO is simply one of the best, most cost-effective ways to market your business. What makes it even more lucrative is that in 80% of small businesses, only a strong once-off SEO effort is required. No monthly retainers to sustain rankings, no monthly advertising spend on traditional mediums that don’t really work anyway, just a once-off amount paid to the professionals, and your website is okay to be ranking well on Google for a long time to come.

Makes sense then, doesn’t it?