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Proper SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will translate into top rankings on the Google results pages for the relevant keywords and -phrases. SEO is a specialist service, and not the watered-down service provided by most other companies under the same heading. Beware of the pitfalls of simple “Search Engine Friendly Design”, regular “Search Engine Submission”, and “Search Engine Marketing”. These services are not classified as real-deal Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO will result in good organic rankings (not paid ads) on Google in the long run, which means you do not have to keep paying for an advertising budget every month. Studies have shown that the paid ads on a Google results page get less than 10% of the total clicks on that page. Even the fourth-placed organic ranking get more clicks than the top paid ad. SEO is well worth the money you spend on it – provided you get the real deal! It is by far the best thing you can do with your marketing budget.

We have the hands-on experience you require to make your website rank high on Google, organically. Chances are you found us on Google, right? We can do the same for you – the higher your ranking for relevant search terms, the better your chances to get relevant visitors to your website from search engines.

Our SEO offerings

R 3,500
Up to 5 pages
3 months free monitoring & reporting
Up to 5 key phrases
* Optional ongoing effort for R350 per month to strengthen and maintain rankings
R 4,900
Up to 10 pages
4 months free monitoring & reporting
6 to 8 key phrases
* Recommended ongoing effort for R640 per month to strengthen and maintain rankings
R 6,900
Up to 20 pages
6 months free monitoring & reporting
9 to 12 key phrases
* Highly recommended ongoing effort for R900 per month to strengthen and maintain rankings

Over the years we have helped launch a number of startup companies with only SEO as marketing method – no banner advertising, no cold calling, and no printed pamphlets. Even our own new business leads come mainly from Google, followed by word-of-mouth advertising and an increasing number from social media platforms like Facebook. We don’t even bother with print media – as far as marketing is concerned, it is hardly worth the paper it is printed on.

Contact us today to discuss your own business and allow us to guide you through the confusion of marketing on the worldwide web.